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Billiant 4.8.5 released
Posted by Jonas Tornéus on 14 June 2017 09:22

No fake news! Billiant 4.8.5 is release to our customers.

This release has mainly focused on the new integration framework we have developed. In short, the idea is that provisioners should be configurable and not need a lot of development. It's a graphical interface where you put your "actions" and "filters" together. This is a huge leap forward and is something we truly believe in.

Other than that, we have continued our work to enhance the existing APIs that will simplify integrating your core systems with Billiant.

Also, we have introduced Customer orders, which mean that we nom can trigger changes to other systems by changing a value on the customer.

For more information about the release, se our Release note.

//Caleo Support

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