Caleos target customers are small (10 - 50 thousand subscribers) and medium size (50 thousand to 2 million subscribers) operators and service providers in Europe, with a main focus on the Nordic countries, and representation through partners in Spain, Portugal and Russia.

Caleo's product Billiant is designed to support the Customer Care & Billing needs of:

  • Telephony operators
  • Virtual network operators - fixed and mobile
  • Service providers
  • ISPs (Internet Service Providers)
  • Content providers
  • CATV operators

The Billiant product is well positioned on the market:

More flexible and lower TCO than In-house solutions, which are not the core business of operators and service providers.
A set of functions and features matching much more expensive systems targeted at the major Telecom operators, at an attractive price level and with less complexity in setup and management.
Scalable to support large subscriber bases while still manageable enough to suit the fast-growing start-up.
Richer in functionality and possibilities than solutions offered by invoice service and AR/Receivables Management companies.